This is why your Phase Switch DOESN’T solve phase problems! faTutorial #001

Do you really know what you are doing to your mix when you use the Phase Switch in your DAW or your mixer? I bet you don’t! In this first episode of faTutorial we will cover the issues with the ‘so-called’ Phase Switch and do some experiments that will surprise you even if you are a professional. Have a look!

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Written in: Audio tutorials on February 01, 2017

forward audio is searching for beta testers!

Firstly, I’d like to say a really big thank you for all the supporters that donated for the development of ‘fa SampleDelay’ and ‘fa FractionalDelay’, especially the german audio engineer Robert Foede from, who donated the most.

Furthermore I’d like to announce the release of the VST3 (Windows/Mac) versions of both plugins until July 2015. In that context I’m searching for enthusiastic and reliable beta testers for both Windows and Mac. Don’t hesitate to use the contact form or write a message on the forward audio facebook profile to be part of the movement.

Written in: Allgemein on March 07, 2015

Open the gates

Today’s the day! We at Forward audio are launching our brandnew company website,
and are very proud to release the first plugin ‘fa SampleDelay’ along with it.
Grab it now, it’s FREE!

We are looking forward to contributing to the amazing world of audio plugins by
creating new and flexible processors ready for the modern DSP needs.

Next on our release schedule is ‘fa Fractional Delay’, the first unique plugin
to apply sample delays with fractional factors on the market! Scheduled release
date is mid July, so stay tuned!

Written in: Allgemein on June 26, 2014