fa FractionalDelay

No download available – This plugin is currently under development!

fa FractionalDelay is the ultimate Sample Delay / Phase Alignment VST-Plugin with an incredibly intuitive GUI.


  • Phase Alignment: manually correct time delays between microphones
  • Signal delaying with a precision of 0.000001 Samples (Maximum of 100,000 Samples)
  • Phase alignment of varying microphone distances via DAW automation
  • Oversampling with 2x-8x
  • A/B comparisons
  • Enter delay values in samples, ms, meter & foot
  • Editable Min-Max-Values of the Delayknob
  • Unique intuitive user interface

With some DAW routing and multiple instances of fa FractionalDelay, you can also apply stereo effects like moving haas delays, create colorful filter textures like a moving comb filter (similar to a really slow phaser effect) or do manual artifical double tracking with varying delays. And if that’s not enough you can use it if you do some parallel compression with analog outboard gear and you have to deal with fractional delays because of different sample rates.

The plugin user interface is specially designed to quickly find and compare the right delay value. Therefore, you’re able to determine the applied delay in samples, milliseconds, meter and foot. For quick setting comparisons use the A/B Switch and if you want to have fine adjustments the Min-Max-Editfields let you change the control range of the delay knob.

fa FractionalDelay – Important Notes

Remember: This is NOT a regular delay effect with several duplicates of an original signal. It’s a phase alignment tool which also needs to be applied on different tracks with an existing phase relation. If you apply it to a mixdown or on tracks without phase relation you will hear NO AUDIBLE DIFFERENCE. For more detailed information check out our tutorial videos.

If you get error messages like “libiomp5md.dll missing” or “MSVCR110.dll not found” one or several Microsoft / Intel Distributables are not installed on your system. In that case, download and install the package below with the Redistributables included.


7 Responses to fa FractionalDelay

  1. bob bobwood says:

    How about taking a look at the feedback thread on KVR DC14;

  2. Hani says:


    I downloaded Download “fa FractionalDelay VST x86/x64 Win + Redistributables” file multiple times with different browsers but when I try to run it, I get an error message stating that the file is corrupt. The file size also tends to change, however the most consistent is 29.2 MB. I’m looking forward to testing this plugin and hope this issue can be resolved.

    Cheers, Hani
    Toronto, Canada

    • daniel daniel says:

      Hi Hani,

      thank you for your comment. 29.2 MB is definetely a corrupted download. The real size is 67 MB.

      If you’ll have trouble downloading, please download the redistributables directly from Microsoft / Intel and try the smaller installer of fa FractionalDelay without the Redistibutables.



  3. delfman says:

    hello hello…how is the mac version coming along??!@#…how soon in your guesstimation??? thanks

    • daniel daniel says:

      Hi Delfman,

      thank you for your question. There is no actual ETA for fa FractionDelay Mac Version due to several reasons.

      Firstly, a mac version of this plugin wasn’t originally planned but will be developed because of the amount of demands of a mac version. Secondly there are several new plugins that are in development that consume most of the production time.

      Nevertheless, the development will go on and you can now accelerate that progress by a small donation. And you can also volunteer as a Alpha/Beta tester to get earlier versions and to participate in development. Just send me a message ;-).


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