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User interface of the fa FractionalDelay audio plugin from forward audio

fa FractionalDelay

No download available – This plugin is currently under development! fa FractionalDelay is the ultimate Sample Delay / Phase Alignment VST-Plugin with an incredibly intuitive GUI. Features Phase Alignment: manually correct time delays between microphones Signal delaying with a precision of 0.000001 Samples (Maximum of 100,000 Samples) Phase alignment of varying microphone distances via DAW […]

User interface of the free fa SampleDelay audio plugin from forward audio available as VST & AU

fa SampleDelay

Mac version still under development! fa SampleDelay is an extremely intuitive sample delay plugin for phase alignment and signal delaying effects. It’s main purpose is to solve time difference problems occuring in multi microphone setups and furthermore reduce horrible sounding comb filter effects (often called phase issues). Features Sample accurate time delays (0 – 100.000 […]