fa SampleDelay

fa SampleDelay is a simple but powerful effect plugin for applying signal delays. It’s main purpose is to solve time difference problems occuring in multi microphone setups and furthermore reduce horrible sounding comb filter effects (often called phase issues). Nevertheless, you can also apply interesting haas delay effects, compensate plugin latencies introduced by other plugins or intentionally create comb filter effects to create colorful filter textures.

The plugin user interface gives you all information you need at a glance and simply let you control all parameters. Therefore, you’re able to determine the applied delay in samples, milliseconds, meter and foot. For quick setting comparisons you can use the A/B Switch and if you want to have fine adjustments the Min-Max-Editfields let you change the control range of the delay knob. Despite all this features and a great looking GUI this plugin is completely free.


  • Sample accurate time delays (0 – 100.000 Samples)
  • A/B comparisons
  • Input delays in 4 different units
  • Completely flexible control range of the Delay Knob
  • Unique flexible user interface
  • Available as VST for Windows (VST/AU for Mac currently in development)


Important Note: If you get error messages like “libiomp5md.dll missing” or “MSVCR110.dll not found” one or several Microsoft / Intel Distributables are not installed on your system. In that case, download and install the package below with the Redistributables included.


Donate for the progressive development of this plugin and the portation to Mac:


23 Responses to fa SampleDelay

  1. Danyella says:

    Congratulations on launching the website. Am downloading the plugin – looks great so far, and will surely be using it! 🙂

    • daniel says:

      Thank you very much. Don’t miss the fa FractionalDelay coming end of July. It’s a very similar plugin, but it will have the ability to apply fractional sample delays. This comes in handy when dealing with changing microphone distances or if you just want to have more accuracy.

  2. Kryptomania says:

    Cool but it will be free also after the Beta time ? 😉

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  4. gooìì says:


  5. hey says:

    i just tried to run in reaper, and it doesn’t work on my Windows7 system due to a “missing file” called ‘libiomp5md.dll’

    • daniel says:

      If you’re experiencing missing dll errors, please download the package with Microsoft / Intel Distributables included and install them. These should solve the problem.

  6. EntranceToTrance says:

    Very Good, is a great plugin. 🙂

  7. Andrea says:

    Really good! Thank you so much

    • daniel says:

      You’re welcome ;-). Don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter to stay in touch for future releases.

  8. Dude says:

    Also running W7 64 bit, and got a similar error in Reaper- The program can’t start because libmmd.dll is missing from your computer, Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.
    So, I’ll keep a look out for an update.

    Question though:
    How would you use the Sample Delay plug to compensate for plugin latency?
    Let’s say you were able to determine the exact amount that the DAW was incorrectly playing back a track in ms, then what?

    • daniel says:

      The compensation of plugin latencies works between each DAW channel. Some DAWs like Pro Tools LE don’t have automatic plugin latency compensation (at least all versions older than 9). Other modern DAWs have such compensation but it can occur that it won’t work properly (for example if you have complex routings). If you experience this problem, the only thing you can do is to compensate manually.
      Here’s an example: You have a linear phase EQ on channel 1 which introduces a plugin latency of 1000 Samples. In order to compensate it, you can insert a Sample Delay in all other channels an set it up to 1000 Samples. Thats the whole deal. Most DAWs are able to display the latency each plugin intruduces.

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  10. Jonathan says:

    Hi 🙂 thanx 4 your free amazing share, i just want to know if there’ll be a mac version…
    Thanx again!

    • daniel says:

      Thx for you comment ;-). VST & AU for Mac are currently in development. Subscribe for the newsletter to get to know when its finished ;-).

  11. Anthony says:

    Hello, thanks for fa delay. I believe there is an issue with fa converting display unit by foot. If you select by meter and use delay of 1 meter the milliseconds is correct. If you change it to foot, it changes to 11.11 feet and milliseconds still says same. Instead it should be roughly 3.3 feet. Calculating the delay from foot to milliseconds is incorrect.

    • daniel says:

      Hi Anthony,

      thank you for your comment. You’re absolutely right ;-). This is now fixed with version 0.92.


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  13. dave says:

    I tried to download.
    But both files keep unsuccessfully downloading.

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  15. Great plugin, thank you.

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