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How horrible sounding Comb filter effects and Phase Cancellations destroy your mix and how to fix them! – faTutorial #002

Have you ever heard of the so-called Comb filter effects and how they make your mix less transparent, roomy and thin? In our todays #faTutorial we’re gonna talk about this issue that is often simply called ‘Phase Cancellation’ and furthermore how to fix it within small microphone arrays such as a guitar recording. Even today, there is still much confusion about the terms ‘being out of Phase’, ‘Phase Cancellation’ and ‘Comb filtering’. Many technicians apply common sense, but often they are unsure how to deal with it. Let‘s start with a more fundamental question: What is phase?

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Written in: Phase AlignmentTags: , on March24, 2017

This is why your Phase Switch DOESN’T solve phase problems! faTutorial #001

Do you really know what you are doing to your mix when you use the Phase Switch in your DAW or your mixer? I bet you don’t! In this first episode of faTutorial we will cover the issues with the ‘so-called’ Phase Switch and do some experiments that will surprise you even if you are a professional. Have a look!

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Written in: Audio tutorials on February01, 2017