Drum Example 1 with faTimeAlign

Drum Example 1 unprocessed

Drum Example 2 with faTimeAlign

Drum Example 2 unprocessed

faTimeAlign is a professional Time / Phase Alignment Plugin with an unrivaled accurate sub-sample precision and an unique intuitive user interface. If you are aiming for a modern and tight drum or guitar sound without Phase Cancellation and a lot of punch and clarity this plugin will be your new dream candidate!

Get your Phases fixed in a minute

faTimeAlign is a reliable workhorse proven to work with any kind of multi microphone source material. Time Alignment is a delicate and often time consuming task, so you want nothing less than the best possible solution: Easily adjust your tracks, relatively to the other tracks, with positive or negative delays and make A/B comparisons to absolutely nail the correct setting.

But that’s not enough! You can also arrange your tracks into different sub-groups and delay them relative to each other to align different instruments or instrument groups.

Easy to use and flexible

One of the main reasons you will love faTimeAlign is its unique user interface. The range of the delay knob can be set to any value narrow or wide, which lets you easily sweep through different delay spans. Furthermore, the feature to enter values in foot, samples, meter or milliseconds gives you every possible flexibility you’ll need.

Prepared for every task

And if you want to be creative you can also use this Plugin for other tasks like applying stereo effects such as a moving Haas delay, creating colorful filter textures with a moving comb filter (similar to a slow phaser effect) or applying artificial double tracking of your vocals with varying delays. And if that’s not enough you can use it if you do some parallel compression with analog outboard gear where you have to deal with sub-sample delays because of different Samplerates.


  • Group Mode for delaying multiple tracks at once
  • Scalable GUI suitable for small tablets up to 4k monitors
  • Ultra high sub-sample precision of 0.001 samples
  • Time delays between -44.000 and +44.000 samples (+/- 1 second @ 44 kHz)
  • Negative time delays
  • Phase invert
  • Compensation of time delays between microphones to fix comb filter distortion
  • Upsampling between 1x and 32x
  • A/B comparisons
  • 4 different input units (ms, foot, meter & samples) for all possible needs
  • Intuitive delay knob with adjustable min and max values for narrow delay spans
  • Unique intuitive user interface
  • Supports Samplerates between 44.100 – 192.000 Hz
  • Full Unicode support for Western languages, Japanese, Chinese, Korean etc.

Supported formatsWindowsMac
VST2 32-Bit
VST2 64-Bit
VST3 32-Bit
VST3 64-Bit
AU 32-Bit
AU 64-Bit
AAX 32-Bit
⏳ work in progress
⏳ work in progress
AAX 64-Bit
⏳ work in progress
⏳ work in progress
Tested DAWs
Steinberg Cubase
Apple Logic
Ableton Live
Presonus Studio One
Cockos Reaper
Magix Samplitude
FL Studio
Steinberg Wavelab
Adobe Audition
MOTU Digital Performer



  • Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista
  • VST2 or VST3 host


  • Mac OS X 10.10 or higher
  • VST2, VST3 or AU host
  • Intel processor based Mac

    Currently unsupported DAWs

  • Harrison Mixbus
  • Tracktion Waveform

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  1. lMike B says:

    Cant wait to buy this plugin….please email me as soon as it is available…Thank you